Office Wayfinding

Google asked us to help resolve navigation and orientation confusion amongst staff and visitors at their Singapore HQ. Our solution had to work with a variety of different interior graphics and themes, across 4 floors totalling 140,000 sqft.

We drew inspiration from one of the largest container terminals in the world, which the Singapore offices look directly over and which also nicely complemented in a contemporary way, the South Asia trade theme that was core throughout.

A directional signage system was developed using randomly 'stacked’, shipping container-like forms, with Google brand colours for each floor that subtly shifted. 

Location totems and zonal activation graphics were used to further aid orientation and add interest, whilst continuing the shipping container trade theme. 

The concepts and workplace graphics created by THERE capture the Google culture beautifully. The new floor is both bold and playful, and staff reactions have been very positive. Most pleasing to me were the subtle ways THERE managed to incorporate our branding, whilst managing to keep all the elements of the theme consistent across the floor.
Julian Persaud
Managing Director, Southeast Asia, Google
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