Stylecraft Website

After careful analysis of Stylecraft’s current website, we set about a thorough UX process, wireframing the entire site, developing user personas, and taking learnings from best practise ecommerce and productivity sites.

Rather than simply an attractive showcase, the opportunity was identified to completely rethink the workflow of how Stylecraft and their clients collaborate, bringing as much of the process online. Users can create accounts, set up collections, submit briefs and share information effortlessly between each other.

The end result not only looks stylish and sophisticated, but the functionality and rich tools built into the site serve to deepen Stylecraft’s relationships with their clients and brands.

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Since working with THERE over the last 5yrs we haven't looked back. They have been great to work with – creative, focused, professional, personable and timely. They took time to really understand the culture of our business, our market and the direction that we were headed. THERE have developed a strong brand identity and collateral for us, which looks great and is easy to work with. It’s great to know they’re THERE!
Anthony Collins
Managing Director, Stylecraft
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